The Atlantic Pops Community Band is a diverse, multi-generational performance group. Our members have a wide range of musical ability and experience – Teachers, Professional musicians, advanced amateurs, beginners!

They each share the love of music and the joy of sharing it with the community.
If any of those characteristics describe you … we welcome you to consider joining the “Pops”!

For information about joining the Atlantic Pops Community Band please reach out to us by sending an email or using the form on this page.

Provide your daytime telephone number and a brief description of your musical capability and interest:

  • Primary Instrument
  • Secondary or additional instrument(s)
  • High School Band Experience
  • College Band Experience
  • Community Band Experience
  • Group or ensemble experience
  • Conducting Experience
  • Vocal or related performance Experience

Middle / Secondary School Students under the age of 18 will require the recommendation of their school music instructor and parental permission.

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Please feel free to send us an email directly or by submitting this form. We will not reply to incomplete forms; SPAM will be reported to the sender’s ISP/email provider.

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